Below you can see some of the services and things I have to offer

Web Design

My goal is to create a web design that represents your company/project well. I think about the audience of your website: age group, gender, what browsers they will mostly be using, etc. I also take a good look at a lot of the websites of competitors in the field to give a clear idea of what you're up against. While I strive to make the website pleasing to look at, that's not all I will work on. I will make sure the design is flexible (depending on what it's for), functional, and quick loading. Please see below: Front-End Development, for more information on this part.

Responsive Design (Mobile First)

I have now started into a responsive web approach, ensuring that your website is elegant on all different kinds of different mobile media, ranging from cell phones to tablets to laptops. This makes your website much more accessible and friendly for users of all types.

Front-End Development

After I complete the web design and you agree it's to your liking, I will work on the HTML/CSS/Javascript to make it a fully function, unique website. However, I will ONLY be coding in HTML/CSS/Javascript. I currently do not offer PHP or CMS integration to web designs, so you will need to either have knowledge/experience with this aspect yourself, or find someone who does. It is my goal to offer these in the future, but not until I feel I'm at a proficient level.

Valid Web Standards for HTML5

For all web projects, I use web standards recommended from the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This helps ensure that your website is easy to maintain, fast loading, work properly on a more widespread scope of web browsers, and also aid in search engine optimization.


All web projects purchased from me come with search engine optimization (SEO), the single most important factor in bringing more traffic to your website. When coding the web pages, I make sure to use appropriate file names and section names, while following the most important rules of SEO.

I also spend several hours optimizing the web page to achieve the fastest speeds. This is done by reducing image sizes to the lowest possible without reducing quality, combining images into sprites (which also reduces the amount of HTTP requests, making your website load much quicker), minifying HTML/CSS/Javascript files where appropriate, enabling gzip compression**, leveraging browser caching, and much more.

**some of the optimizations, such as gzip compression, are inclusive only if your host provider uses an Apache web server (which nearly all do)

Other Services

I offer basically any graphics services that exist. Business cards, logos, signatures, avatars, forum ranks, Facebook covers, Twitter covers, Twitch overlays, etc. Just contact me and we can discuss what you want done and if I'm the right man for the job.
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Skype: dustin.perolio
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